Spring Transition: Neutrals

Coffee, neutral colours, shame-less picture-taking – just the few things my cousin Jezza and I have in common. After work and exams today, we explored the Exchange and realized how our outfits are of different styles but totally compliment each other. Jezza’s style is laid-back athleisure wear with either jeans or shorts. My style is feminine with a skirt or dress.

Transitioning to spring clothes in Manitoba is tricky. One day it’s 10degrees t-shirt weather, the next day it’s cold and windy and you need to bundle up. It’s trickier when you have to commute to work early in the morning so it’s a little chilly, but when you go home the scorching heat of the sun consumes your whole being. Jezza left for work before 6am so she keeps herself warm with a light coat. Meanwhile I only had an exam in the middle of the day so a sheer floral cardigan did the trick. Some brave Manitobans are wearing shirts and shorts already! 🙂

So swap those leggings out for tights, those winter boots for runners, and those parkas for cardigans: Spring is here!




Top and Coat | Forever 21 (CA)

Jeans | Lee (PH)

Scarf | Bluenotes (CA)

Shoes | Nike


Top | Mango (PH)

Cardigan, Purse, and Skirt |Forever 21 (CA)

Shoes | Ardene (CA)


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