Everyday Make-up Products for Oily Skin

Before even buying products, I spent so much time researching on what I should get for my skin type (time I could have used to study – or sleep). In case you do not have time to research, I have prepared a list of products that I use and I guarantee works for my skin. I’m new to this whole make-up world so hopefully I can be a help to newbies as well. You can click on the products for links. Here are the steps:


    First of all, remove extra make-up using the NUETROGENA Fresh Foaming Cleanser or any facial wash you like. It is imperative that we start with a clean face. I moisturize with a small drop of NUETROGENA Face Moisturizer. This step is important because even if I have an oily skin type, my face dries up after a wash. If I skimp on the moisturizer from the very beginning , I end up having patches on my makeup.


  2. PRIME

    My huge pores are the end of me so I invested in the SMASHBOX  Photo Finish Pore-Minimizing Primer , only applying the primer on my nose, cheeks, and forehead where my pores are. For the rest of the face, use the RIMMEL Stay Matte Primer, focusing attention on where products might move such as the undereye and smile lines. If you want your products to stay and not crease, do not forget this step. 🙂



    I spent so many hours watching Youtube videos for the best foundation for oily skin and the first one I bought was the best decision ever. THIS video is the video that swayed me to buy the  SMASHBOX Studio Skin 15-hour Wear Hydrating Foundation. IT. IS. THE. BEST. If there was one thing I would recommend you to buy , it would be this one.
    Some of my days usually last from 6am to 10pm and yet at the end of the day I do not feel greasy. For the days when I know I won’t be out for too long I use the COVERGIRL Clean Matte Foundation. The Smashbox foundation is pricey so if you don’t want to use it all up right away, the Covergirl one is a great choice.



    You may have heard from beauty bloggers about the best drugstore product ever created : the MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind Concealer. Well, the hype is real. I apply right below my eyes and blend with a BEAUTY BLENDER.
    To cover imperfections and highlight the ridge of my nose, I use the MAYBELLINE New York Fit-Me Concealer (a great dupe if you can’t afford the NARS concealers). The Maybelline Fit-Me Concealer is made oil-free so even if I put product on my nose, it doesn’t get too greasy.



    I lightly shape my nose with the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Stick Foundation and blend with a BEAUTY BLENDER. Next, I contour my cheeks , forehead, and chin using the same stick and blend it with an ELF Contouring Brush. The foundation stick gives a matte finish to give you that natural-looking contour.



    I also spent time finding the right setting powder and the LAURA MERCIER Transluscent Loose Setting Powder  is in almost every Youtuber’s video,  and now I know why. I even bought a travel-sized one a month later because I love it so much. It is light and smooth and has smaller beads compared to other powders so your face won’t appear cakey. While the powder bakes on my face, I move on to my eyes.



    First of all, invest in a primer that works really well so the eyeshadow won’t crease. My eyelids are usually the first one to crease so I invested in the holy grail of eye makeup primers: the URBAN DECAY Eye Primer Potion. At first I was hesitant to buy it because it was a bit pricey for a small bottle but it helped my eyelids so much. You don’t even need to use a lot of product because a small dab will do!
    As a transition colour, I use the pink shade of the SMASHBOX Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette in Matte; and any of the darker shades for the outer crease;
    For the lid and the corners of the inner eye, any of the light shimmery shades from the COVERGIRL TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette in Nudes will do, blending everything together with an eyeshadow blending brush



    Since I have thick brows, I had them shaped at Eye Candy Lash Boutique (BEST PLACE. I will probably do a separate post for that. Thanks to my friend Elena for recommending the place).
    I have bought at least 2-3 drugstore eyebrow pencils but none did the trick until I tried the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Eyebrow Pencil in Cool Dark Brown and the URBAN DECAY Brow Tamer in ClearIf you want to have your brows defined and more on point, apply the darkest shade of the Smashbox Eye Palette and apply with an angled brush.



    I use three different Mascaras depending on my mood:

    When I am in quite a hurry, my go-to product is the TARTE Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara. My cousin Jezza bought this first and raved about how great it is, and it really does wonders. I love how you can put this on without even looking in a mirror because the product comes out clean and does not clump. IMG_5239

    For a more dramatic look, the LOREAL Voluminous Base and Mascara Duo works wonders. Applying the white primer before the mascara gives my almost non-existent lashes extra volume and length.IMG_5233

    If I want to lift my eyes a little bit but make it look like I have no make up on,  I use the small brush of the MAYBELLINE  Volume ExpressFalsies Big Eye Mascara. This has been my mascara for years and even if I buy newer ones, it’s always great to go back to old favourites.


  10. CONTOUR some more!

    Now that the powder has baked I add another layer of contour using the MAYBELLINE  NY Face Studio Contour Kit. I raved so much about this palette to my friends because it is so pigmented and is very easy to blend.  Honestly, you don’t even need a cream-based one if you have this. It comes with a little brush which can be used for precision contouring.
  11.  BLUSH

    I read that if you have big pores like mine, you should use a matte blush instead of a         shimmery one, so I use the NARS blush in Impassioned. This hue is perfect because it gives a hint of blush and a peach-pink tone, just in time for summer.IMG_5214

    I have two highlighters I use depending on my mood. The drugstore one is the MAYBELLINE Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter. It is very pigmented and handy at the same time, perfect for the little touch-ups you need to get your glow on.IMG_5215And when I do decide to be extra, I use the TARTE Tarteist PRO Glow to Highlight and Contour Palette. There are two highlight shades which I use depending on my mood. Gleam is for when I want the highlight to blend with my foundation. Burst is for when I want my highlight to be seen from the moon. One thing I love about the Tarte Contour kit is it smells so good – like vanilla and chocolate combined. I usually just use my ring finger to apply the highlight on my cheekbones, the edge of my nose, and the arches of my brows. It is supposedly a “to-go” travel kit but I use it as my main one since I don’t need a lot of highlight shades that the actual Pro Glow Palette has. It may be pricey despite it being travel-sized but it is heavily pigmented so you may not even need to buy another one for a few years ^_^ .


  13.  LIPS

    I don’t do anything dramatic for the lips, applying lip balm or Vaseline will do, because let’s face it, I live in a place where half of the year is basically winter (Hello dry lips!). But my favourite lippies are the neutral mattes from MAYBELLINE. I would love to collect every shade because it is very affordable and stays on so well.



    And the last product is definitely not the least: the Urban Decay De-slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray which is oil free and gives my face that nice, slick finish. It is an oil-control make-up setting spray so try not to forget this essential last step to bring everything together. Focus spraying on your T-zone and I guarantee you, your make-up will stay on. Plus, check out that gorgeous packaging.


This is a before-after picture. You can see how the products covered my pores and made my skin tone even. The after picture was taken HOURS after I put on my makeup, and it still looks fresh.


So that is all the hard-work I do to achieve a “natural” look, it takes about 15-20 minutes for everything but it is very worth it. Obviously I don’t do this everyday because if I do, I would probably miss my bus half the time. But I am trying to wake up early because I feel so much better with better-looking skin.

I will definitely update you once I try better things.

Until next time,


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